review 2023: Earn ₦3,000 Daily Just with Your Phone For Free Review

Are you tired of scrolling through your social media feeds, wasting time without earning a dime? 

Well, it’s time to turn your smartphone into a money-making machine! 

In this review, I’m about to reveal an exciting opportunity that can put an extra ₦3,000 in your pocket every single day.

Imagine getting paid for completing simple tasks, taking surveys, and even sharing your opinions – all from the comfort of your own phone. is here to revolutionize how you make money online in Nigeria, and I’m here to spill the beans about this lucrative platform.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of in this eye-opening review. 

Say goodbye to mindless scrolling and hello to a new era of making cool cash online.

It’s time to take control of your financial destiny and discover the power of in 2023!

Without further ado, Let’s get started…

What Exactly Is stands for “Get Paid To Nigeria” and is a pioneering GPT website specifically designed for Nigerians. 

It offers users various ways to earn money on a daily basis, providing a platform for individuals to monetize their time and skills. strives to ensure that Nigerian users have access to profitable offers and a seamless earning experience.

It provides users with opportunities to earn money by completing tasks, such as surveys, offers, and more. 

What sets apart from other GPT websites is its commitment to the Nigerian market, offering localized high-earning options and paying users in Naira.

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To start earning, you can register an account on their official website here.

Once registered, you can browse through the available offers, surveys, and tasks. 

Each task has clear instructions and associated rewards. 

You can choose the tasks you prefer and complete them according to the specified requirements. 

Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with earnings that accumulate in your account.

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Why You Should Signup for

Using comes with numerous benefits for Nigerian users:

Earning in Naira: eliminates the hassle of currency conversions by offering payments in Naira, allowing you to receive your earnings directly in your local bank account. review

Earning in Airtime: Unlike other GPT websites allows you to withdraw your earnings in airtime once it’s above 100 Naira.

User-Friendly Platform:’s intuitive and user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to navigate, find earning opportunities, and track their progress.

High-Paying Offers: brings high-paying offers with attractive rewards, enabling you to earn more for your time and effort.

Localized Opportunities: focuses on providing localized earning opportunities that cater specifically to Nigerians, ensuring relevance and accessibility.

Sustainable Earning Potential: By curating offers with high completion rates, offers you a sustainable earning potential, maximizing your overall earnings.

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How to Earn Money with in 2023 offers multiple methods for you to earn money:

1. Offerwall review

The Offerwall section on offers users a wide range of tasks, offers, paid-to-click (PTC), and surveys from multiple providers. 

These tasks are carefully selected to ensure high payouts and completion rates. 

When you complete tasks or surveys on the Offerwall, your earnings are automatically credited to your account balance. 

In some cases, larger payouts and specific offers require manual confirmation, which typically takes less than 6 hours. review incorporates the concept of short links, which requires you to follow a particular link until you reach your intended destination. 

While these short links may sometimes be challenging to complete due to tricky ads, they offer additional earning opportunities for users who are familiar with navigating such content.

3. PTC

Paid-to-click (PTC) tasks on involve you to be paid for viewing websites for a specified duration, usually a few seconds. 

Although the pay for PTC tasks is relatively low, it offers a simple way to accumulate earnings over time.

4. Tasks review

The Tasks section on allows you to earn money by completing specific instructions provided by the platform. 

You may be asked to perform tasks such as searching on Google, visiting specific websites, and providing screenshots or text as proof. 

This section offers a variety of tasks, including social follow requests, which can be more challenging but provide higher payouts.

5. Faucet review’s Faucet section offers you the opportunity to earn small amounts of money regularly. 

Similar to a faucet dripping water into a bowl over time, the Faucet section allows you to earn by solving captchas and claiming rewards on a daily basis. 

While your earnings may be relatively low, consistent use of the Faucet section can result in a significant accumulation of earnings over time.

6. Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune feature on enables you to spin the wheel and earn rewards. 

This section is designed to be simple and user-friendly, offering an entertaining way to earn additional money on the platform.

7. Dice also includes a Dice section that involves gambling. 

You have the opportunity to either win or lose money based on chance. 

It is important to approach this section with caution, as it can lead to both significant gains and losses.

8. Referral Program

You can boost your earnings by referring friends and family to 

When someone signs up using your referral link, you receive a referral bonus based on the earnings of your referrals.

Other Earnings Opportunities offers additional ways for users to earn money, such as the Daily Bonus. 

By clicking the Claim Bonus button every day, you can earn a random amount of money as an added bonus. 

The platform also features a Leaderboard where top users in various categories, including referrals, Offerwall claims, Faucet claims, and activity, receive extra cash bonuses every Sunday. 

Additionally, you can earn extra money by reaching specific achievements on the platform. regularly organizes contests and promotions where users can participate and win additional rewards. These activities provide an extra opportunity for users to increase their earnings.

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How does GPTO.NG make money? review generates revenue through several methods to sustain its operations. 

While registration on is free for users, the platform acts as a middleman between service providers and users to generate income. 

Here’s how makes money:

Service Provider Payments: receives payments from service providers who offer tasks, surveys, and other opportunities on the platform. 

These providers pay in USD for access to the user base and engagement opportunities. 

Currently, follows a 90/10 percent share, with the majority going to the users.

Ad Revenue Streams: As continues to grow, it plans to explore additional revenue streams. 

These may include incorporating friendly ads on the platform. 

The aim is to strike a balance between user experience and generating revenue to cover expenses.

It’s important to note that strives to provide a free and accessible platform for users to earn money while maintaining transparency and fairness.

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FAQs on Review 2023

Is completely free to use?

Yes, is a free platform that does not require any registration or membership fees.

How do I receive my earnings from pays users directly in Naira. Once you accumulate earnings in your account, you can withdraw them through airtime or directly into your account.

Are the offers on easy to complete?

Yes, carefully selects high-paying offers with high completion rates to ensure that users can easily complete the tasks and earn rewards.

Can I earn money with without referrals?

Absolutely! While offers a referral program for additional earnings, referrals are not mandatory to earn money on the platform. 

You can participate in various earning methods, such as completing offers, surveys, and tasks, to make money independently.

How often does organize contests and promotions? regularly organizes contests and promotions to provide users with additional opportunities to earn rewards. 

The frequency and details of these activities may vary, but users can stay updated through the platform and notifications.

Conclusion on Review is revolutionizing the online earning landscape in Nigeria. 

As the first indigenous GPT website that pays in Naira, it offers Nigerians a convenient and accessible platform to earn money online. 

With its user-centric approach, high-paying offers, and transparent operations, is shaping the future of online earning by providing sustainable opportunities and empowering individuals across the country.

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