Hi I'm Sulato

I Help Individuals Take Charge Of Their Personal Economy By Showing Them Advance Tips & Strategies That 10x Their Life, Income, Assets And Net Worth.

sulato's 3 Keys

to unlocking a flourishing personal economy...

Build paying skills

The secret of all successful people is their ability to build high income skills that generates high income for them anytime, anywhere.

Create Massive Wealth

Almost everybody knows about making money, but only few people have mastered the art of building real & solid wealth.

Live A Fulfilling Life

Survival is a limiting obstacle, the moment you can scale your life from survival to growth & fulfilling lifestyle..You are made!

No matter the country's economic Condition!

it's a must for you to take your personal economy serious...

45 Free Tools and Resources for Building Your Personal Economy 🚀

Because of what I've seen about how a lot of people struggle with fixing & building their own personal economy, I decided to collate some tools and resources that I use and leverage on from top successful individuals to help you boost and manage your economy like the truly successful people. Just insert your name & mail below to get the powerful cheat sheet for FREE!!!

The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing
atotileto sulyman

meet sulato


Hi! I’m Atotileto Sulyman also Known as Sulato.

Sulato is an Internet Entrepreneur, Personal Economy Advocate, Sales & Web Strategist, Game Publisher and Founder of Realtybox Nigeria – Nigeria’s #1 Real Estate Lead Generation Agency.

He believes that every single able and capable individual should be able to take charge of his or her personal economy regardless of the national economy.

He believes that building strong individual economy is the only solution to reduce poverty and misery in developing and underdeveloped nations.

Sulato is interested in teaching any topic related to personal development, money, business and personal finance.

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