Meet Atotileto Sulyman.

The only professional web expert to put you through a successful freelance web design career!

Hi I’m Atotileto Sulyman a.k.a (Sulato).

I’m a full time internet entrepreneur, digital marketer, pro freelance web designer, and a personal economy educator.

Sulato is the co-founder of IdeaWave and also the founder of Realtybox NG – #1 Real Estate Investment, Media & Marketing Company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sulato has directly and indirectly worked with brands and individuals like; Tade Cash, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Akin Savage, Roberts Bimbo Folayan, Kobis Global Football Club, The New Voice Musical, Eat Rich, WIP Africa, Dr Sam Afolabi, Lusquared Properties, Elan Orris Limited, Champion Idogun, Ajegunle Festival etc…

Over the years, he has trained hundreds of web designers on how to further and improve their web design career like never before.

He also run a beard grooming blog for alpha-men- KeyBeards.

He loves the web platform and he wants to make It better for everyone.

And he consider himself to be completely blessed that he gets to build it for a living.

He believes that learning the technical skill of web design and development alone is not enough to build a profitable freelance web career, instead building a strong sales and marketing skill is what makes the difference.

It’s also his firm belief that building a flourishing personal economy is the only way to reduce poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and other under-developed countries.

He loves teaching, writing, and speaking on topics related to web design and development, freelancing, tech, personal development and financial literacy.


There is a saying that “The name of a child tells more about the child”.

This is a short story I would like to share with you:

I asked my dad once what the meaning of my name (Sulyman) was… He replied, “A Man Of Peace”.

Then I asked what my surname (Atotileto) means…

I stared at him and looked at him as he looked back at me and said “Worthy To Leave All To Follow.” I looked at him and asked what he meant.

Following my question, he replied: “The only one worth following”.

My mission since then has been only one thing…to be a real Atotileto (a person worth following) and to create more Atotiletos (those who are worthy to be followed).

Ready to join the Atotileto Family?