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About Me.


14, Adedotun Dina Crescent, Mende Maryland. Lagos, Nigeria.


atotileto sulyman - pro freelancing coach

Hi I’m Atotileto Sulyman A.K.A (Sulato).

I’m a full time internet entrepreneur, Digital marketer, Pro freelance web designer, and a Personal economy educator.

Sulato is also the founder of realtybox NG – #1 Land Investment & Marketing Brokerage In Lagos, Nigeria.

I love the Web platform and I want to make it better for everyone.
And I consider myself to be completely blessed that I get to build it for a living.

I believe that learning the technical skill of web design and development alone is not enough to build a profitable freelance web career, Instead building a strong sales and marketing skill is what makes the difference.

It’s also my firm belief that building a flourishing personal economy is the only way to reduce poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and other under-developed countries.

I love Teaching and Speaking on Topics related to Web Design and Development, Freelancing, Tech, Personal Development and Financial Literacy.

My Name, My Heritage!

There is a saying that “A name of a child tells more about the child”. Let me tell you a short story: Once upon a time I asked my dad what’s the meaning of my name (Sulyman)…he told me “A man of peace”. I then furthered to ask what’s the meaning of my surname (Atotileto)…he then smiled and looked at me and said to me; “worthy to leave all to follow” I looked at him and ask what does that mean..he smiled again and said: “the only one worthy to be followed”. Since then my creed has been only one thing and one thing only “To be a real atotileto and create more atotiletos (Worthy to be followed)”