Turning you into a profitable web designer.

Hey! This is Sulato, co-founder of Sandfluid Global. Also, I founded the first real estate investment, media and marketing brokerage in Lagos, Nigeria.

I’ve spent years trying to decode how to extremely make money with web design.

The “experts” advice found on the internet was too complex for a beginner like me. And so I was forced to find my own path.

Now, I am sharing this path with you.

Making money with web design is actually simple.

It’s got 3 key components:

  1. Find a niche that is full of players with money.
  2. Understand what their problem is.
  3. Create ideas to solve their problem.

It’s really that simple?

If you’re a web designer, then you’re already aware of this mindset. Instead of building features, you build what solves problem for people.

I’ve received dozens of Instagram DMs, Emails, and Facebook messages about web design monetization…

To reduce repetition of answering the same questions, I decide to create a monthly letter where I show you exactly how I started my web design career, how I get my clients and how I’ve scaled it and move to starting my own businesses.

About the Letter

It’s a monthly letter released on my WhatsApp Inner Circle group every first Friday of every month.

Why every month?

Firstly, I’ve promised to help myself and at the same time helping other web designers shouldn’t be a bad idea too.

Secondly, My strategies contain zero fluffs, only actionable advice. Cut the fluffs and most of my letters would be this short.

Lastly, Every month I experiment with different and new stuffs that will help me better my web design monetization skill.

Sharing those hours of experimentation with you isn’t a bad Idea, or is it?

You can start reading the letters starting from now and finish in one afternoon and then begin fishing new paying clients with new rods – Web-Profit Friday 🥂


  • Action bias: Most people learn by doing. The best way to solidify your learning is to follow my monthly letters and read the entire previous letters and then start applying them.
  • Creativity: Everything in my letters are what had worked for me, my colleagues and my students, your results depends on you, what you take from the letters and implement.


Pricing started at ₦600 ($1.5) for early-adopters and increases 2X the former price every year as more designers sign up for my letters.

  • Launch Price ₦600 ($1.5) In 2020
  • Last Price: ₦1200 ($3) In 2021
  • CURRENT PRICE: ₦2500 ($6 ) In 2022 (10 Months Remaining)

Why only ₦2500 ($6) for reading letters that can make you $1,000 or more monthly?

I could consult and take on very few people who are willing to pay thousands of $ to learn and apply my Web-Profit Friday approach.

However, my worldview is that knowledge is most beneficial when the most number of people can access it.

That’s why my letter is only $6 instead of something like $99.

It’s no-brainer pricing to me. 

Why is it a no-brainer?

Because if you follow and read my entire letters and apply it in your projects or business, you’ll be generating thousands of $ worth of value.

The ROI is not from here…🤩

Ask yourself this question:

Do I care enough about my life that I can spend a small amount of time and money on something that could potentially change the trajectory of my business or career?

If the answer is YES, then consider this tiny investment of $6 and few hours every month towards your long journey ahead as a web designer and freelancer.

My method is simple – I try stuffs, some fail, some work, and I share my takeaways on how you can apply the same in your life, work and business.

My letters “sometimes” comes with pdfs, slides + videos with me taking you through all the concepts, strategies and the case studies.

All Available immediately after you pay and joined the WhatsApp group.

Get yours today!

Ready to change your web design game?

PS: before you click that big black button that lead you to the WhatsApp group where I share my letters that shows you my  top secret, I want you to know that this is not for those people who are looking for a quick way to make money overnight… 

…rather my letters are for those people who are willing to put in the work and see it through to the end of the whole process…if you’re one of those people, gladly smash that big black button with confidence now.