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What will your bank account look like in the next 90 days if you know about this top secret?

Dear Friend,

You may say what secret do I know about web freelancing that you’ve never heard before.

Yes…you’re right…no new secret!

But imagine this…

that a random 21 year old guy from one little town in kwara state have been able to move from a one-time web designer that barely makes close to N50k per month to a cool dude that now make over N300,000 every month consistently and continuously…

…working from the comfort of his home.

It’s not a fancy secret though!

But you could be that guy too….You know?

Now think about this: no fancy laptop, no great design skills REQUIRED…just YOU, your mind, and ability to prospect and find people to help. and you will be able to:

Sounds Good, Right?

How much are you investing to join This coaching session today??

I’ll tell you,

But first…..

Let’s do some math

If you want to go for a Masters’ Degree in Nigeria,

It will cost you around N1.5Million (or more) in expenses 

And over 18-months of studying (assuming there’s no ASUU strike).


After you’re done getting your Masters’

It would be a miracle if you get a job in Nigeria that pays you more than N300,000 a month…  with a Masters’ degree.

And let’s not even talk about how much you have to spend in Nigeria to pass through 4-years (minus ASUU strike) of hardship in the University,

For an overpriced BSC Degree you can’t even use to make enough money to….

Live your Life Comfortably,

Without Financial Stress

And here’s the funny thing…

I have guys in my program who only started learning web design less than 3-months ago

And are now doing a minimum of N150,000 a month in website maintenance fees alone…

Not to talk of design and development fees

and all of them are still students (under-graduates..)

And they didn’t need any previous experience or some special degree or qualification

They just devoted quality time to learning this stuff,

And today,

They’re making a LOT of money for themselves

Thanks to what I showed them.

And the same is possible for you,

If you’re serious enough to put in the work.

So how much should you invest in this program??

I could easily charge N100,000 for a 1-on-1 direct access to me and 1-year access to this program,

And it’d still be an amazing bargain

But Your Investment Today is N15,000 Only . . .

That’s the price

There’s no discount

There are NO bonuses.​

And there will be NO refunds.

It’s a one-time (one-off) payment.

And you’ll easily make that money back 10x, 20x, 40x back, the first time you land a paying client using what you learn from me.

Let’s say the first gig you land through this program pays you $1000

At the current exchange (at the time of writing this), $1 = N500

That gives you $1,000 x 500 = N500,000,

In one month,

From one client.

That’s a 3300% (33x) Return on your 15,000 investment.

If you’re pocketing N485,000 a month, 

I don’t think you’ll be worrying so much about money like most people do…

So see it as an investment that will continue to fatten your bank account for as long as you’re a freelance Web designer.

Ready to know the secret now?

PS: before you click that big black button that lead you to this top secret, I want you to know that this is not for those people who are looking for a quick way to make money overnight. 

…rather this program is for those people who are willing to put in the work and see it through to the end of the whole process…if you’re one of those people, gladly smash that big black button with confidence now.