5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why People Don’t Buy what you sell

5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why People Don’t Buy what you sell

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People only buy things for one reason and most salespeople don’t know what that is, Do you know the reasons why people don’t buy from you?

Maybe you have ever experienced this when you try your very possible best to sell your products or services, you explained the whole thing and it makes perfect sense to the customer but yet they don’t buy and you wonder why the hell they didn’t buy from you.

Tom Hopkins said: Seasoned sales pros will have a longer list of reasons why people don’t buy.

How to close a sale – Reasons why people don’t buy (Danlok)

The reasons why people don’t purchase your products or services are much but in this article, I will be talking about 5 different reasons why people don’t buy from you and why you are making a low sale.

Without me talking too much here are the 5 most common reasons why people don’t buy what you are selling:

Top 5 reasons why people don’t buy from you     

1. No Need or Low Need – Major Reasons Why People don’t buy from you

 The worst thing that can ever happen to you as a business person is to create a product that does not meet the needs of the people.

Reasons why people don't buy

The first thing you need to think about before creating your product or service is the peoples Need.

But sometimes, you might have the right product and service with the right need for it but targeting the wrong customers.

Here is the truth;

No matter how great your product or service may be, some people might not need it or might not need it right away.

So what do you do as a smart business person?

You should cut your losses and save your time, you qualify them and you disqualify them very quickly and then you move on because those types of customers will never make a purchase of your products or services when you need them to.

So when you notice a customer is trying to talk you out of a product that means the customer doesn’t want to buy the product.

2. No Urgency – Stupid Reasons why people don’t buy from you

You see! Delay kills the sale.

You see! Delay kills the sale. Click To Tweet

When a customer or prospect says to you that – Oh…Yeah! You know what I will think about it or I will get back to you or send me more information.

All of that stuff is lack of urgency.

These kinds of customers or prospects don’t see WHY they need to buy right now. You haven’t given them the reason why they need to make a sale right now.

The thing is tomorrow never comes, what you don’t close today you will never close tomorrow.

Although they might be very nice and polite to you and say words like (you know what…Follow with me 3 months from now…I will get back to you) do you know what happens after 3 months?

They never get back to you.

So what do you do?

You need to demonstrate to them why they need to make the sales right now, maybe you have to give them an exclusive offer or limited time offer or maybe you give them a limited quantity offer like (we only have little of these products, if you don’t buy right now when we run out of these products you may not be able to get them anymore).

You have to give people a little bit of push otherwise they won’t buy.

3. No Desire – Emotional reasons why people don’t buy from you

To say the truth about people, they don’t buy what they need they buy what they want.

People don’t buy what they need they buy what they want. Click To Tweet

You know what;

They want that car! That house! Those clothes!, they want that bag just like most youth are craving for the apple products it is not that they need it but they only want and desire it for themselves.

If you think about a lot of things in your life that you bought you don’t actually need them you only want them for yourself.

So what do you do to create the desire for your products or services?

All you need to do is just to create that irresistible offer, make your product or service compelling to your customers/prospect that it will be a no-brainer and they will be left with no other choice than to buy your products or services.

4. No Money – Common Reasons why People don’t buy from you

Reasons why people don't buy

Probably the most common reason why a lot of people don’t buy is because of money. 

A prospect might tell you why they can’t buy a certain product or service from you is because of money but that’s not what they mean, what they really mean is that they don’t see the value in what you are selling to them or what you are selling is not a high priority for them.

They don’t see why your products or services should cost that much.

But what is causing this is because you as a salesperson or business person have not presented your offer in a compelling way that they can see in terms of money and value, which one weights more.

You know mentally if a customer compares the value of a product with the price they can develop the desire to buy the product if the value equals the price.

So before you allocate price to your products or services, make sure the value of the products or the services you are offering worth a high sales pay for.

5. No Trust – Picture-painted Reasons why people don’t buy from you

The last reason why people don’t buy from you is because they don’t trust you, they don’t believe in your products/services or they don’t have trust in your company.

I see many real estate businesses crumble because of this reason.

But how do you handle this?

You can do this several ways;

You can do that by giving them more social proof – engage on Facebook, Twitter, connect on LinkedIn and build loyal audience on Instagram and YouTube.

Give testimonials, case studies, or history of the company on your website to convince them so that they can believe you are a genuine company and they can trust you and buy from you.

Over to You

In a world that’s filled with competition both online and offline, for you to be successful it’s important to identify the areas in your sales that might be causing resistance with your buyers.

Make your product purchase process as simple as possible and ensure that your experience matches the expectations of your customers.

This way, you’ll have a much greater chance of convincing your customers to convert!

So with these 5 mind-blowing reasons why people don’t buy your products or services that I have shared with you, I think by now you should know the reasons why you are not making more sales and what you can do to increase your sales from low to high.

If you have any questions concerning this topic or sales in general, please comment below.

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