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Real Estate Website Design FAQs

I create Content Management System-enabled websites with WordPress for real estate agencies, agents, coaches, and thought leaders.

Yes, I can certainly help you redesign your real estate website. I’ll create a new website with updated content, incorporating text, images, and videos from your old website or providing fresh content.

Absolutely. I can migrate your real estate website to a new server and continue with web design and administration, even if you can’t reach your old real estate web designer.

Yes, I do. All real estate websites I design are mobile responsive, ensuring a positive user experience on smartphones and tablets.

Costs usually range from N150,000 to N1,500,000, depending on the website’s size, objective, and functional applications.

It depends on the specifications. Typically, it takes 1 to 4 weeks to build from scratch to launch, considering factors like testing and content creation.

Yes, I offer fixed prices. The cost only changes if specifications are added or the design brief changes.

I typically ask for a 60% deposit of the total quotation, with the remaining 40% payable in installment.

Yes, you can. I understand cash flow is crucial for real estate businesses, and I and my team are open to breaking down payments into three months.

Yes, I build websites that integrate with custom-built applications and SAAS products, facilitating CRM integration, for example.

I offer the option to retain my services for administration, support, and maintenance to manage updates and security without disruption.

Yes, I build real estate websites with good SEO, ensuring optimization from the planning stage to launch for visibility on Google search.

Customer satisfaction is my priority. While my design process aims for satisfaction, if needed, we can revisit the website brief to reach a conclusion.

If the domain name and hosting was bought by my agency or shared for web development, it fully belongs to you. We’re happy to transfer ownership to you once our contract is completed.

Yes, I do. With online communication tools like Zoom and project management tools like GoogleKEEP, handling international projects is convenient.

My real estate web design process is simplified:

  • In the Ideation stage, we discuss, create specifications, and research user behavior.
  • TheΒ design stage involves creating mockups, sample sites, and illustrations.
  • The core stage brings all elements together for building the real estate website.
  • The 2-factor stage ensures every specification is met, repeated twice for customer satisfaction.
  • The testing stage ensures the website works well on multiple devices.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used for web development, making it easy for non-technical administrators to manage and upload content.

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