5 Tips To Make Money As A Web Designer In Nigeria

5 Tips to Make Money as a Web Designer in Nigeria

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I want to share with you 5 tips to make money as a web designer in Nigeria in 2022. But before I go there, let me ask you;

How much do you make every month as a web designer?

Duh!! Not much, right?

See let me tell you, one of the most rewarding professions in Nigeria in 2022 is web design but while some Web designers earn from six figures upward every month, some earn a little or even nothing till the month runs out.

Though not all web designers know how to make the big buck in this industry, just a little knows the secret to make money as a web designer in Nigeria.

This is the secret; a hyper-profitable web designer knows how to run a business.

There are many Web designers out there who are amazing at creating beautiful and wonderful websites, but they have no business acumen.

The formula to becoming a successful web designer is in your ability to get and help clients.

This means you must know how to find clients, keep them and help them grow their businesses.

Nobody pays for competency rather they pay for results.


Like I said earlier, in this article I will be showing you 5 tips to make money as a web designer in Nigeria, whether you’re a part-time or full-time designer.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.



Prospecting is king! Prospecting is what separates you from the rest.

Most designers don’t prospect and the few who do only do it once in a while.

But it’s not supposed to be like that, prospecting is a major part of web design because without clients there is no design.

If you really want to make money as a web designer you need to realize that you must prospect every day, you must talk to new people everyday about your services.

There is a saying that says customers are born every minute; to me I say customers are created every minute not born.

Make every minute count by looking for who to talk to about your offer both online and offline.

Every day on social media, connect with people who can pay you, people who are interested in building their businesses, have a chat with them, and show them how websites can help them grow their businesses.

That’s how clients are created.

The more you prospect the more clients you get and the more money you make.

Also, leverage paid ads to generate leads and clients. Running Facebook ads or Instagram ads is still a form of prospecting, it’s just that you are using your money to get people who can buy your web design service from you.

Any way you think you can use to prospect and find new clients use it and integrate it into your day-to-day activities; the key thing here is that you go out to prospect every day.


Check out my web-profit Friday letters here.


To make money as a web designer (I mean BIG money), you need to offer more services and solutions. You need to find more help you can offer a client.

Though it’s good to niche down as a web designer but at the same time, it’s also GREAT to have more services and solutions to offer to your clients.

Graphics design, Social media marketing, Email marketing, SEO, and even YouTube marketing and optimization are other services you can render to your clients and create multiple streams of income for yourself.

I already told you that you need to prospect more people every day, now imagine you prospect 3 people per day for 20 days, and 10% of those people you prospected decided to buy into your offer, that’s 6 buyers, right?

Now let’s say they approached you and during your discussion you discovered that they didn’t have a brand logo too, so you decided to up-sell them with a logo design offer and they buy into it…

BOOM! That’s it.

You’ve just created double income for yourself.

Sincerely this is exactly what I do and what you too can start doing, trust me you will make more money than other web designers that don’t prospect and offer more services to their clients.


You see, going after clients on your own takes time. And most times talking to people is what you don’t like doing, but you need to or else you go starving.

A very lucrative and easy option you can leverage to make money as a web designer is starting and running your own web design blog.

Starting a blog about Web design and creating contents that are valuable to your specific niche and target audience will help you attract the clients that you want.  

Just like me, you can use the blog as a way to promote your own web design services and get clients from it, or you can make the blog a money-making machine on its own and monetize it with ads, affiliate programs, or selling digital products.

Although, growing a blog definitely takes a lot of time, resources and patience because at first you possibly may not make any money, but on the long run it will surely be a passive income generator.


Another way to make money as a web designer is to take time to create digital products and sell them.

There is a high demand for website plugins and themes for popular content management systems like WordPress and Shopify.

If you’re good at programming languages like JavaScript and PHP, you can consider creating and selling your own plugins and themes.

Another option you can look into is to create your own online course about some aspect of web design.

You can create a course on web design for beginners, plugins and themes development, WordPress web development, Local SEO, Photoshop, Google ads, Facebook ads, and more.

Try creating a product that adds value to people and a product you can charge good money for.

The possibilities of web products you can sell are endless, just look at the aspect of web design that you’re good at and create a product on it.

It could be eBooks, courses, webinars, coaching programs, etc. Just create a product and sell!


Yes, you can make good money from affiliate marketing. All you need to do is just to refer other people to good products and services.

As a web designer, there are several products that you can refer people to buy and you will get a commission for referring them.

Themes, plugins, domains, and hosting packages are what you can offer them to buy.

For example, if you check my home page or the side bar of this blog, you will find out that I place a domain name search bar there…

It was provided by Namecheap…And anytime anybody use the search bar to search for a domain name and eventually buy the domain, I will get a commission.

This is another example, a client of mine was asking me maybe she can get a .com.ng domain from godaddy.com, I explained to her why she can’t get it there but I told her where she can get a reliable .com.ng domain, later on, she decided to follow my advice and she got her .com.ng domain from domain king.

She got her domain and I got my commission too, it’s a 50:50 win.

So you too can leverage affiliate marketing to create another source of income for yourself within the web design industry, it’s that simple.


These 5 tips has helped me increase my earning by 65% just within a short period of time implementing them.

There are a lot of things you can do to make money as a web designer, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

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